Chelsea Football Club

A promotional video for Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea Football Club.

Chelsea Football Club is a world renowned professional Premier League football team. Their stadium, Stamford Bridge, is a multi-purpose entertainment facility in its own right, hosting audiences and events on match-days and non-match-days alike.

Drummer were engaged by Davies Tanner to plan and deliver a promotional video to showcase all that Stamford Bridge has to offer. This needed to feature its status as a premier match-day venue and place to celebrate Chelsea Football Club, but primarily to highlight all the other facilities that the stadium complex offers.

These include places to eat, drink, meet, stay, shop, workout, socialise, and to host high-end functions. It needed to appeal to all audiences, from individuals to families to corporate audiences.

Drummer worked with Davies Tanner to concept the video and to map out all the different locations that needed to be profiled, including through the creation of storyboards. We sourced actors, and delivered a flexible approach to production spread over multiple days and times in order to capture each of the locations when they were best able to showcase being in use. Each production day included multiple cameras and a multi-person crew. We undertook all post production and have created multiple edits for use in different settings.