Broomwood In Ethiopia

A suite of promotional resources for Broomwood in Ethiopia to communicate the charity's aims, ethos and impact to a new audience.

Broomwood in Ethiopia is a charity supporting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Ethiopia by providing them with a high quality education.

Broomwood in Ethiopia engaged Drummer to develop a suite of resources to help convince a new audience to become financial supporters and enable the next phase in the charity’s growth to support more disadvantaged children.

Drummer worked closely with the charity to understand who its current and target audience is, and to determine what resources were required to most effectively engage them. Central amongst these was video content that could tell the “Broomwood in Ethiopia” story and be used in multiple settings.

With opportunities to both present to large audiences, and to engage small groups or individuals with an immersive experience, Drummer proposed to undertake a film-specific shoot designed to deliver both 2D and 360º videos that could be used according to the setting and audience.

Drummer undertook pre-trip liaison and planning, in-country storyboarding in response to visits on the ground, multi-camera and multi-person production – including with 360º camera rigs, and all post production for multiple video deliverables.

The story of Masresha, and the impact that Broomwood in Ethiopia has had on his life, touched us all and we felt privileged to have been part of telling it. The response to the film has been overwhelmingly positive and helped position the charity for its next phase of development.


Here's the video: